FAQs    (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does it take to receive my Fire Safety Plan or Construction Fire Safety Plan?

- Plans usually take two to three days to compile, it depends on the volume of plans we are working on. Also, the degree of accuracy of the information provided and the Site Plan markup can have an effect if we have to contact you to clarify details. Delivery time is subject to  Canada Post.

Is there any online help or reference for CSOs (Construction Safety Officers) on the fire safety cloud website to help identify violations when performing fire safety inspections ?

- Yes, we have an entire section of the website dedicated to examples for reference to identify what we refer to as an Item of Concern. Not only do the examples show pictures, but we actually itemize the section of the Fire Code or Building Code that the example is in violation of so you can cite that code when documenting that Item of Concern in your inspection.

I am not a Developer or Construction Company, but I am interested in offering Fire Safety Plan or Construction Fire Safety Planning in my geographic area. Do you work with independent consultants?

- Yes we do. There are great opportunities in providing on-site inspection services to support the CFSPs we design or compiling the information from the building for fire safety plans. Please Contact Us, we'd like to hear from you.