Who benefits from firesafetycloud.com ?

Property Managers

Property Managers deal with multiple buildings and coordinate large numbers of trade service providers to coordinate the necessary life safety inspections throughout those properties. With different dates and different tests required in all these facilities, this is an onerous task to say the least. Utilizing firesafetycloud.com to coordinate these activities can alleviate the stress and foster confidence in property managers knowing what is upcoming, who is responsible, has it been competed, and if not, following up on items that need to be discussed with their clients and the costs associated with them.  


building operations

Utilizing the real time data in reports in firesafetycloud.com allows operations management and personnel to make informed decisions regarding their life safety systems. Onsite inspection results can be reviewed as soon as they are posted and are always kept for historical analysis. Keeping record of any items outstanding to expedite the correction of those inspections with easy to use dashboards with advanced analyitic tools empower your operations team with the knowledge they need and the proof of their due diligence when required. Now, with the resources of firesafetycloud.com, proactive operations teams finally have the tools to accurately manage all life safety systems throughout their building portfolio.  


Executive management

Executive Management want accurate reports on how their organization, buildings, portfolio and the responsible personnel are performing in terms of life safety . Tailored dashboard views allow them this detailed insight, summarizing any outstanding issues that require critical attention to rectify those items to a fully functioning and code compliant state. All of this information  is easily uploaded from your facility sites by those individuals responsible for the test / inspection routines. Your management team can now administer accountability across your entire operation.


Occupational health & safety management

OHS Professionals deal with safety inspections daily and require an easy and accurate way of recording the results of their findings. This is due diligence and is the very core of their responsibility. With the assignable inspection categories in firesafetycloud.com, any OHS personnel can create categories of inspection that relate to their scope of work. Further to that, they can assign failed inspections to sub contractors responsible for the infractions to identify trends of behaviour by specific companies or in specific disciplines. This allows for accountability of trades to your OHS plans and empowers your management with insight to unsafe practices identified across your organization.


Occupants & tenants

Ultimately we all want a safe work and living environment. The advantage of online fire safety management ensures that all life safety systems in a building are regularly and accurately inspected. As well as the fire safety equipment, the conditions within and surrounding that building also require inspection and maintenance. Having an online resource to manage these tasks ultimately leads to a buildings' life safety systems performing to the specifications they were first installed to perform to. This not only ensures the safety of the occupants, but also of the attending first responders in the event of a fire. Proactive inspection and documentation enhances your due diligence as a building owner or manager.


investors & stakeholders

Business operations have an obligation to their employees or tenants by Worksafe, OHS standards, and tenants rights statutes to provide a safe working or living environment. Investors in those business operations want insight into what measures are being taken to ensure those businesses are meeting those obligations. Providing proof of a proactive fire safety management is becoming increasingly important to investors in demonstrating safe practice business environments and the capability to demonstrate objective due diligence.


Fire departments

Life safety systems in buildings that are well maintained and inspected to NFPA Code Standards perform to their original design specifications. This is critical in the event of fire. Not only the occupants of these buildings, but attending firefighters lives depend on this performance. Initial awareness of the fire, growth of that fire, and ultimately control and containment of that fire are all affected by the readiness of your life safety systems. Furthermore, the ability to be able to share information about dangerous goods, building and site hazards, and fair weather drone video footage for an attending Incident Commander helps make faster more informed decisions 


Consultants and Fire SAfety Testing Companies

Firesafetycloud.com was designed to bring the resources for complete plan and graphic design to those experienced individuals and companies that would like to provide construction fire safety planning and occupied building fire safety plans to their respective marketplaces. Your plans are customized to reflect your logo and contact information for a complete turnkey plan that you deliver to your clients' site. Having our resources frees you from the production and content part of the plan so you can allocate your resources to other areas of your business.